The Simplicity of Wisdom.

He who thinks he holds wisdom only holds the thought of it.

Before making any claims to being wise you must know the difference between what is unwise and what is wise.

First let us understand that any unwise thought or act comes from a mind that cannot connect to the heart. Such a thought is based on an urge to act quickly.

This mind thought is ‘thought-less’. It gives no time to listen to the heart which takes time and effort to truly understand the situation and how it may affect you and others.

The wise will always begin in contemplation with the heart.

The path of the wisest way may not be the quickest to your goal yet it will bring forth the truest from your heart and that is the beginning of Wisdom. Listen to the heart before entering into any kind of choice, from the simplest of decisions to those that will impact others.

Simply allow yourself to practice this daily and in a short time it will become the given thing.

Each new day brings a new challenge to listen to the heart and become a little wiser. It is the basic understanding that Love is all there is.


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