How can Love Survive?

How can Love survive in this changing world, yet it is not Survival but to Belong?

Take Love to the point of all things and only then can Love Belong.

Lets start with the kind of Love that is needed for a family to begin.

When you are attracted to a special someone a kind of magic happens. Your heart races and you feel like you need to be with that someone always. What in fact happens, is that someone has sparked within you the ability for you, to feel and know yourself as Love.

This feeling of Love is intense and you long for it each time you are near or hear that someones voice.

This Love is in truth your own Love. It is who you are, in truth you are loving yourself. You become addicted to the Love you are and in turn reflect it back to that someone who holds the spark.

If you could see Love you would see the glow that Love surrounds about you. It is yours, not the others. This glow creates a light beam from you to the very source of Love.

There are many degrees of Love, from a smile to a stranger in the street to the Love for all that is created. You feel good because you are open to the Love you are, yet is is your own freewill to be open to it or to hide it, and so not allow it to belong to you.


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