A time to pray.

A question was asked as to when we pray on behalf of another. Are we interfering in the natural way of life’s journey?

That is a very interesting question because often the answer can be different according to the circumstances of each individual. Take for instance in the case of someone who is unwell and the prayer is for a good recovery. It is unfair to interfere with prayer which may change the outcome of that individuals life.

Prayers are often the tools we use to ask God to intervene in life as we see it, yet we do not know the journey of that person’s Soul. It could be that the amount of time has passed for that Soul and it must return to God or its own journey required the experience of recovery which in turn changes all dynamics not only in the life of that person but also creates a network of variations in the lives of others.

God’s Love is for you to create your own journeys life which was created by you even before you were born.

In another instance you may ask then, is it OK to pray for someone who as we see, has gone off the right path and chosen to be immoral or cruel? Again their own personal journey will always take place whether it be to face the consequences of their action and learn from them or to remain in a mindset of misplaced Love which can only be for themselves in which ever way gives them what they want.

Having said all this it is never a bad thing to pray for anyone who may need God’s help yet the blessing FIRST must be given to God himself, for only God knows the truth.


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